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 CFNT Recruitment and raid policies

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PostSubject: New member rights   Sat Jul 28, 2007 3:41 pm


I know there has been some confusion about what new members can and can't do. I want to quickly clarify:

New members are ranked trial for at least two weeks or until we have had a chance to judge their raid and personal skills. This usually takes two complete runs of Kara. There may be exceptions either way based on previous experience with the member or lack of their
particiation during the first two weeks, etc.

Trials can roll on loot items but do not get priorty over members. They also do not have access to the guild bank. Other than that, they are considered normal members.

Also, as we are trying to maintain a close knit group of friends who are excellent and motivated raiders, we are limiting new recruits to people who we have some personal grouping or RL relationships with. This can be
anything from your brother to someone you grouped with a few times who you really liked. We still accept apps, but we want an officer to run with the person first to see how they are. There are alot of people out there who may want to just roll along with our success and it is not fair to those of us who have done the hard work to get where we are. Since we plan to keep a somewhat laid back open roll loot system we need to be able to trust our members.

Also, I expect that the existing member who refers the recruit will vouch for them. This means that their actions may reflect on you as well. So dont vouch for any noob that you think would fill a spot that's open.

Ask an officer if you have questions.
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Number of posts : 73
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PostSubject: CFNT Recruitment and raid policies   Sun Aug 05, 2007 10:38 am

Hello All

This is Shiv, the GM of CFNT. We are looking for the
following classes. Please speak with an officer in game or on the forums for a trial run. If you know one of our members, please ask for a vouch from them. Thanks!

1 to 2 Druids (any spec)
0 to 1 Hunter (any spec)
1 to 2 Mages (any spec)
2 to 3 Paladins (any spec, healers preferred)
2 to 3 Priests (any spec, healers preferred)
2 to 3 Shamans (any spec, healers preferred)
1 to 2 Warriors (tanks only)
1 to 2 Rogues (any spec)

Warlocks by consideration only at this time.


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PostSubject: CFNT raid policies   Wed Aug 15, 2007 11:16 pm

Hello everyone and all interested applicants. This is some info about our policies and raid schedule.

While we consider ourselves a serious raiding guild, we have made an effort
to recruit adult serious players, so as a result we have jobs, kids,
and real life things that can be more important at times. We do not
want to be raiding every night, but we do want to do all end game
content in a fun and timely manner.

New members are accepted based on application, vouch from existing
member, and officer approval. We want to keep the guild to around
45 active members equally representing all classes. While we will
not dictate specs, we do expect you to be able to do your job.
For example, if you are recruited as a dps warrior, who better do some
DPS and if you are a tank you better be able to tank! New
members join as Trials and we not be promoted for approximately
two weeks and/or two full Kara clears. Exceptions may apply.
New members are to be appropriately geared, with all level 70 instance
blues or so being required for raiding. Below level 70 members may be
accepted, but we will not specifically help you get geared or powerlevel.

Our guild ranks are:
Dog house - you did something bad, but not bad enough to warrent your
kick! You cannot talk in gchat, go raiding, or get loot.

Trial - just joined, see above.

Member - Non-raiding member or guest, can raid if we need you.

Raider - Full member eligible for raiding

Officers and CL's, etc - (Considered raiders)

Loot priorty is (highest to lowest): Raiders, Members, Trials, then Alts.
We do not use DKP currently, although we may consider it in the future
for 25 mans. Loot is distributed by rand 100 rolls based on need,
item type, and spec. We use master looters, who are always officers.
Loot ditribution is at the ML's explicit discretion. We expect you to
come prepared in regard to knowing what items you need from what boss.
Crying about loot in any way will typically get you gkicked! This said, If you feel you have a legitimate suggestion or comment regarding loot for future runs, please bring it up with an officer. Trials are
welcome to loot based on the priorty list. ML rarity is set to
BLUE, you may keep all greens and items you pick up unless specially
told otherwise. BOP random items will be given to Raiders first,
then others.

We have a guild bank and it's items are available to non-trial
members, with Raiders getting the priority. The bank is under the
control of the GM who has discretion on its disbursements. We do
not give out money or help with rep farming, etc. We are not a

Raid times are 8:00 pm server (unless noted otherwise) to 11:00 or midnight. Our current raid schedule is:
Wednesday Night - Kara to Prince

Thursday Night - Gruuls (attendance provided) with plans for Mag, SSC, and TK.

Monday Night - Kara optional boss clear and finish other instances as needed

These nights are considered "RAID" nights and the run is to go
as scheduled regardless of whether the raid leaders or officers are
there (assuming enough people show and the tanks and healers are
around). We have provided the tools for our guild to succeed, we need
to take advantage of them.

Sign ups for raids in the website calender area is very highly recommended
and expected, but is not required. However, those who do sign up will
be given priorty over those who don't (except for required slots and
class balance), so please use the system.

In addition, people who show for day 1 of kara and other raids will be
given first priorty on consecutive nights (even if you were on the wait
list). Since we currently do not use a DKP system, this rule is to
reward people who show up to help out even if they don't need anything
from the first few bosses.

Not raiding for more than 14 days may result in demotion to
member. Not loggin in for more than 1 month may result in kick,
more than 2 months for sure will. Let officers know or post on
site if you will be gone for long periods, such as a month or so.

Alts of members and raiders are welcome in the guild, but must be above
level 20. Alts of raiders may also raid when needed, subject to the
above rules.

We encourage MOD use. KTM and BigWigs are required for raiding. Use of ventrillo is also required.

Other rules may magically appear as required. All officers are to be
treated with respect and have the same authority as the GM in regard to
resolution of disputes and issues. Ask Heavy, Aurae or Shiv if you have
any questions. Thanks

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PostSubject: Re: CFNT Recruitment and raid policies   

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CFNT Recruitment and raid policies
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