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 Priest Dictionary and Etiquette Guide

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PostSubject: Priest Dictionary and Etiquette Guide   Tue May 29, 2007 2:10 pm

I borrowed this one from another forum... very funny! Hope it makes you smile!


priests foolishly believe that, just because they are your heal monkey,
that this gives them some right to make tactical descisions like saying
what mobs are too hard or by ordering retreats. A priest who tells her
party mates to run only does so because she is a coward, blinded from
the battle by staring at everyone's HP and mana bars in the team
window. She doesn't have the vast tactical training nor combat
expereince you have that comes from your countless hours of pressing
Tab then attack while watching reruns of Giligan's Island on tv, so
it's usually best to either ignore her or do the oppposite of what she
says. Sometimes, at higher levels, the priest will get lazy and just
chain flash heals on you--she does this so she doesn't want to work too
hard and the best solution is to continue doing whatever it is that you
are doing that caused it in the first place. If you get into trouble,
run into another room and spam "HEEL" until the priest gets aggro from
using her area heals, then when you get healed back to half life, start
looting chests.

face it, most priests are far less uber then you and thus their healing
skills will, on occasion, fail to keep you alive. If you do die, it was
because of a mistake the priest made and has nothing to do with you
going into the instance yourself while the rest of your party is
outside buffing. It probably has something to do with the priest being
"gay" or "a homo" (or both), so you should do your best to warn the
rest of your party that the priest is "a gay homo" so they know to be
careful. But, because some party members may not necessarily believe
you, you must first prove your uberness by describing how long you have
been playing for and then call the priest a n00b. It helps if you
swear, use ALL CAPS, and misspell everything. Not only will this
encourage the priest to try harder next time, but it will actually
increase your chance that she'll want to team with you again. Note that
if the priest dies instead of you, she always appreciates messages that
say "heal!!!" as she's staring at the spirit healer. It shows that you
care, that you are paying attention, and that her heals are missed.

Thanking a Priest
a priest saves your ass after you pull more mobs then there are people
on your team, the best way to thank her for keeping everyone alive is
to repeat whatever actions you took that caused the dangerous fight.
This complements the priest by saying 'you are so good I feel free to
be totaly reckless' and it makes us feel good too. Also, the best way
to thank a priest is to share with her your many pearls of healing
wisdom you have picked up playing warriors, rogues, mages and warlocks.
Tell them things like "Wear plate so you won't die so easily".

you team up with priests, or any other healers, you might hear them use
some strange terms (such as WTF!?!) and this Priest's Dictionary will
help you translate them.

This is short for 'additional monsters needed' and is used when the
monster you are fighting is an easy kill and the priest feels the team
can handle more. When you hear this, run into ajoining rooms and pull
more monsters into the fight.

AFK: This common term stands for "Attack, Fight, Kill" and is the priest's way of telling you to go pull mobs.

An acronym, this is short for "Boss Room Battle," and is a priest's way
of telling the team it's time to fight the instance boss. Note that you
will also sometimes see "afk brb," meaning the same thing.

The team's puller has the important job of "pulling" the party into
fights. Usually this is accomplished by having an mage with no armor
blast a large group of monsters or by having a similarily HP gimped
teammate run into a room and fire off at least three special attacks,
thereby pulling the rest of the team into the room to save him. Note
that the puller does not have to be the same person every time and it
is often best if different people pull as to keep the priest guessing
who will drop to 1/3 their life and make her try to figure out what
room they are in.

"wait" is a bit tricky. While it sounds like the word "wait," as in
'stop,' what the priest is really saying is a shortened version of
"waste it all." meaning destroy everything in the area. Priests will
use this if they want you to start charging through the instance.

OOM: This is short for Out Of Mobs, meaning it's time to pull the next group of monsters standing idly around.

WTF!?!: This means "Way To Fight" and is used to complement you on your brilliant tactical choices.

Note to Priests
a priest, it is your job to keep everyone alive no matter what they do
or what their armor is. Some priests claim it is only their job to
assist teammates with heals and buffs and that it's ultimately up to
each player to be responsible for himself, but that simply isn't true.
A good priest will be able to keep anyone alive regardless of what
happens, and over 95% of all wipes are due to a failure on the priests
part. I'm sorry to let our secret out, but yes, we are miracle workers.
I haven't ever lost a teammate and if you try real hard too, you will
also keep everyone alive.
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PostSubject: Re: Priest Dictionary and Etiquette Guide   Tue May 29, 2007 11:31 pm

Great dictionary aurae!!!! i hope i can learn from it so when we r on instance i can know what u r talking about lol!
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Priest Dictionary and Etiquette Guide
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