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 Application Process

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PostSubject: Application Process   Tue May 29, 2007 9:56 am

So you want to apply to Channel Four News Team? Heres what you need to do!

1. Make an account on this website.
2. Make a new topic (DO NOT REPLY IN THIS TOPIC) with your "NAME - CLASS" as the subject (example “Aurae - Priest”) in the Application forums.
3. Copy the questions from this application and paste them into the new topic under application forums.
4. In this new topic answer the following questions:






Main or alt:

Professions and level:

Alts level 45+ with Name and Class:

When are you usually online:

Tell us about yourself (age, use of time, work, school, etc):

Attuned / Keyed (List BC and old content instances):

What do you look for in a guild:

List previous guilds and reason for leaving:

List mmorpg / rpgs that you have played and how long:

How did you hear about our guild:

Does a C4NT member vouche for you, if so who:

How much raiding experience do you have:

What is your current 'spec' or build for your character:

Can you commit to participate in instances from 7 - 11 pm server time, 4 - 5 days a week:

Are there any days that you are not available:

Why do you want to be in C4NT:

When are you available for a trial run:

If you are invited to the guild you will have the rank of “trial” where
you will remain on trial for two weeks in which you will be under
review. Based on how you performed during this trial period, we will do
one of two things: promote you to member and invite you into the guild
or inform you that you didn’t make it and remove you from the guild.
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Application Process
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