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 Viggiroth 70, prot warrior

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PostSubject: Viggiroth 70, prot warrior   Wed Oct 10, 2007 8:47 pm

Name: Viggiroth

Class: Warrior

Race: NE

Level: 70

Main or alt:

Professions and level: Not so high BS/Mining

Alts level 45+ with Name and Class: None

When are you usually online:
Usually from 3:00PM Server to whenever needed.

Tell us about yourself (age, use of time, work, school, etc):
I'm jon 16, I enjoy raiding, and excelling with other people.

Attuned / Keyed (List BC and old content instances):
Onyxia, MC, BWL, Kara.

What do you look for in a guild:
A guild that has a consistant raid schedule, and a guild that wants to raid, Not just fuck around and raid once a week and call it like some guilds I've been in.

List previous guilds and reason for leaving:
Guardians Of Fate,
Warlords of destruction,
Those two are the main guilds I've raided with. GoF was falling apart basically. and WoD, said they needed tanks so I got in raided once and the they pull a half assed story saying they don't need me.

List mmorpg / rpgs that you have played and how long:
Just WoW, up until WoW i never gamed.

How did you hear about our guild:
Astrador, I was just wondering cause I'm sick of never raiding and asked him if you guys needed tanks.

Does a C4NT member vouche for you, if so who:

How much raiding experience do you have:
I know my way around the pre-BC raids, and I've only been exposed to Kara up to Curator.

What is your current 'spec' or build for your character:

Can you commit to participate in instances from 7 - 11 pm server time, 4 - 5 days a week: Yes I can. Depending on whats going on Friday nights I may or may not be able to raid But I will tell someone if I'm available or not.

Are there any days that you are not available:
Depending on whats going on Friday nights I may or may not be able to raid But I will tell someone if I'm available or not.

Why do you want to be in C4NT:
I want to be in a guild that has a consistant raiding schedule and doesn't sell out every week for stupid reasons.

When are you available for a trial run: Immediately.
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Viggiroth 70, prot warrior
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