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 Farming Mats - Raids

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PostSubject: Farming Mats - Raids   Thu Jun 07, 2007 2:04 pm

It seems there are a few farming A LOT of potions etc for the raid. I tend to bring stuff for myself, and extras for others if I have them but but not as many as others are bringing ...

I think there may be a better way to meet our consumables needs.

Tell me what you need farmed, and I can help in that way. Most of my alts are herb/miners.

My priest is a potion master - so if you want the chance of extras, I'm happy to make them with your mats. My mats if I make time to farm ... but... well ... ya LOL. Of the new resistance pots, I have all but fire and frost.

~ Sell
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PostSubject: Re: Farming Mats - Raids   Thu Jul 05, 2007 12:22 am

Its Kinda mats i guess but if u need any Primals i farm ALOT of Fire and Mana so if u need any plz send me a tell and ill see what i can do!..Oh and i need 4200g more for my mount if ur doing an instance plz tell me cause i need money! king
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Farming Mats - Raids
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